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UNAC Hamilton Branch organizes 2 or 3 public events per year, often in partnership with other local organizations, focusing on issues related to one of the UN Days and relating to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The purpose is to raise awareness of the issues (e.g., the environment and climate change, gender-based violence, refugees), learn about local actions to address the issues, and to stimulate further participatory action.

Gandhi Peace Festival
Citizen protection Project at St, joseph
Hiroshima Day 2011
planning for Peace Garden
Day of the Girl 2018
human rights day 2019
Social after 10th anniversary of Culture
selling Peace Dollars at COPH 10th anniv
Ray receives YMCA Peace Medal 2015
Narcissus for Peace
Peace Garden in Bloom
Ray and Bert at Gandhi Festival
Premiere of Peace is in Your Hands Song.
Dedicating the Peace Pole at City Hall
Culture of Peace at Prayer Breakfast
COPH meeting with Chief De Caire
The shirts
Apil 2016 Peace Lcheon - 2
Choir at Peace Celebration
April 2016 Peace  Luncheon
Hamilton Branch supports Environmentalis
Brian Reid receives lifetime achievement
Naomi Mahaffy accepting UNAC Hamilton Br
Planting Narcissus for Peace 1
2013 International DAy of Peace at City



Watch the Event!
Peace luncheon 2024 (1).jpg
Culture of Peace Luncheon 2023 (5) (1).png
Int'l Day of Peace 2022 Poster (5).png
World Day of Social Justice 2022 Poster PNG (1).png
Watch the Event!
World Day of Social Justice event poster
Climate Action for Peace.jpg
Book Launch Full Page.jpg
Human Rights Day Poster V2 b.jpg
girl child 3.jpg
Celebrating UN Day 2017.jpg
Local Food World Peace Poster Oct. 16th.
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